MONETARY INCOME INCREASE – Empowering Women And Girls By First Setting The Focus #WCW


Moral Of The Story (PH Monetary Income Increase Solution)


Click on the image above to review the “2009 PH World Citizen” article.


From this perspective, we can see that there is some agreement from Bill and Melinda Gates with the notion that claims that individuals and groups actually can and do create the future by using their resources in the present moment to create it as a story utilizing some words and pictures to communicate the good idea to others as demonstrated in the video posted above.

Also, it can be concluded that both Bill and Melinda Gates have some practical sense in regards to decisions about what to do with ones time, skill, energy, and resources while behind a computer that will lead to an effective change for the better in society with yours truly currently utilizing a Windows OS to operate the laptop computer that is being used to compose and convey this message.


“Economies flourish when girls spend more time in school, when women can borrow money affordably to invest in their families. A lot of development programs end up getting their impact by understanding how to empower girls and women.”

Why Girls and Women?
By Bill Gates | July 7, 2015

Lastly and in closing, the idea of fighting poverty and ending extreme poverty on some level will come by way of an increase in the monetary income of women and girls globally as stated as the initiative for the partnership between The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Global Citizen, and it is the stance of yours Truly and Your Friendly Neighborhood that an increase in income comes by way of an increase in actual value and an upgrading or revamping of monetary system policies, so we are dedicating our resources to that aim and final outcome, first and foremost by issuing this mission statement in which to focus on.


To Be Continued.