WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME THO? (Part 2) – How Do We Benefit By Following You On Snapchat Or Instagram?


economic benefit

Benefit quantifiable in terms of money, such as revenue, net cash flow, net income.

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Moral Of The Story (And This Is Important Because?)

in it for me

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T.G.I.M. (Thank God It’s Monday!)

This article regarding Snapchat was actually going to be posted yesterday but was delayed due to it being a national holiday, and rightfully so, we also woke up today to news about Instagram switching up the flow on their timeline setup to make the visible posts to be selected by algorithms as opposed to chronologically, similar to how it is currently being done on Facebook and rumored to be in the works at Twitter.      




Of course there has also been subsequent backlash from users who now must ask their followers to turn on their notifications to ensure that their posts are viewed and not lost in the wash, yet this recurring social media scenario increasingly confirms the notion that for many users these days, their own desire to be seen and heard (attention) actually outweighs the viewer’s desire to see and hear from them, because well, in the minds of the viewers, what narcissists have to show us, is just honestly not really all that important.  


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Everything in nature balances out for the greater good in the end, so we would like to congratulate ourselves as well as our valued and loyal viewers who come to these parts to get the real “haps on the craps” and inside scoop regarding a variety of important and relevant socio-economic matters, and we invite you to step into our shoes and recognize your own time and attention as your most valuable resources, so that you may begin to pose the following question to any and all who may be asking for an investment of both of them from you.

What’s In It For Me Tho?

Just like money, time is spent, and attention is paid, so continue to rock with Mighty Mighty PimpHop.com to get the best possible return on your investments of each.

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