MAKE BOO KOO BUCKS – PH 2016 Entrepreneurial Support System Starring Kylie Jenner

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Moral Of The Story (PH Entrepreneurial Support System Solution)

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There was an insightful article posted yesterday on with an excerpt below this paragraph, about the man working to connect the world for Facebook, that discusses their plans to offer internet services to a majority of the world’s population who are still without reliable online access, to help make the world more open and connected as per  Mark Zuckerberg’s master plan, and interestingly enough, the current focus of their global expansion efforts as a social platform are similar to the focus of our efforts here at, which is more of an entrepreneurial social support system platform.

One of the things we spend a lot of time doing is trying to think about the platforms we can build that ultimately will serve global entrepreneurs and developers, because we do think that they are the ones, they have the context, they understand the nuances, they [understand] what they should be building that’s going to best serve the local communities,” said Archibong.

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Now granted, while both Instagram and Facebook as its parent company are both social networking platforms, the interest of users does tend to be more personal than business related, yet Facebook as a multi billion dollar business that offers these services to a few billion users for personal and social purposes are dedicating their resources to the building of platforms that serve global entrepreneurs and developers, similar to this platform that is dedicated to exclusively serving global entrepreneurs and developers and their interests, with Kylie Jenner acting as a role model and poster child for the New Economy, serving both her local community and the global community simultaneously, and earning “boo koo bucks” in the process of service, which tends to be an important part of the overall desired payoff for entrepreneurs across the globe.


Long Story Short = is a platform that is dedicated to supporting global entrepreneurs and developers to effectively serve their local and global communities and make “boo koo bucks” in the process.