SELF ESTEEM (Part 2) – She Likes To Be On The Cover Of A Magazine Starring Nicki Minaj



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An Open Letter To Myself

Rylan, since 2003 this online publication has been up and running non stop, and has existed before the term “blog” itself was even invented to make it possible for individuals to become bloggers andย mistakenly label you as one, and participate in the blogging trend here some 13 years later with the current stage of the Internet and it’s growth.

None the less, your decision to live your life in a way that causes you to focus on the creation and development a reputable online publication, as opposed to living in a way that has you seeking to grace the cover of a publication or even social media outlets for your own self esteem needs,ย which shows to be more of a feminine tendency, whether online or in print, was in fact a correct one, and even though there have been some who could not or would not validate the concept of an INTERNET MAGAZINE in the past, know full well that when you are seeing digital images of “print” magazine covers, as well as links to online articles from magazines, and associated festivities and prestigious events on the Internet, in front of your face on this Internet magazine, which as a recurring event hasย worthy women of our culture gracing the covers of household name brand magazines AFTER they are mysteriously selected to gracefully appear on this online publication, which then creates enormous potential for individuals to have gainful and enjoyable employment, you can and should stay down for your crown and put the word out in a way that really gets the point across before you proceed on your journey to the promised land and new world, and the word outย is as follows.

When you see and hear this name, PUT SOME RESPEK ON IT


Rylan Branch
Janitor/Maintenance Man Life Experience Magazine
Established in 2002
Keeping it “P” till 3003