BEAUTIFUL POWERFUL WOMEN – Khloe’s Kasting Kall And A New Hollywood For The New Economy



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Click on the article above to review the “Khloé Kall To Action” article.


And we have our answer!

Khloé is beyond a shadow of a doubt “bout that action”, to the extent that she has “sparked the revolution” and opened up the door for other “Beautiful Powerful Women” of the like, to show themselves worthy and approved, which makes the job of yours truly oh so much easier as a good portion of my valuable time and energy spent online goes towards talent scouting, on the lookout for the best one’s I can find for these New Hollywood/New Economy initiatives, beginning first with Khloé on the home front, setting standards, raising bars, and upping antes in this business of show in The City Of Angels and across the rest of The Milky Way Galaxy!




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