(REPOST) #TEAMJESUS – Make You Say “Good Lawd!” And Mean It In A Real Way Starring Masika Malysha

I can’t believe our little princess is already 1 month old today. Happy 1 month baby ☺️❤️

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(Editor’s Note – Wednesday May 18, 2016)

Article originally published on Dec 7, 2014 by Rylan Branch

Welcome Home.

While combing through the “sacred text” archives here @ PH for some articles to add to an upcoming entry, I came across this article from December 2014 starring Masika Malysha and decided to just go ahead and repost it with an updated good news progress report via Maskia’s I.G. account, to help us all look more closely at what might could be really really occuring here @ Mighty Mighty PimpHop.com for those who are in question and in need of answers.

On with the show!

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Masika Kalysha


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Moral Of The Story (Solution)

Sunday December 7, 2014 9:04 AM Pacific. Well, you see, what had happened was…… While conducting some research on yesterdays #BlackOutHollywood demonstration, we passed by Vibe.com and cam across a collection of embedded Instagram pictures and the one that you see below this paragraph for whatever reason, inspired us to open up an investigation on her Instagram profile.


@Tyrese #blackoutHollywood #handsupdontshoot #icantbreathe


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Some may say that we were distracted by some of her imagery and illustrations but we can re-frame it by calling it inspiration because before we made it to the video featuring the Tyrese speech, we came across the image that you see above in the feature headed which you can research on Instagram by clicking on the image.

Long story short, Masika is going to be a host at Ace Of Diamonds a premiere soon to be opening Gentleman’s Club in Las Vegas, is currently starring on the hit reality series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, is an active photo journalist able to bring us the most up close and personal street views of whats happening on the scene, and most important, a star player on #TeamJesus, which inspires us here at Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com to create a publication and perhaps even a megachurch to showcase this abundance of talent and confirm to the world who The Real MVP really is, as any religion and belief system in the history of the world was born out of a woman and her choice to believe in that which works best for her according to her own set of personal values.

Stay Tuned!