THE PSYCHOLOGY OF LIKES AND FOLLOWS (Part 2) – Khloé Kardashian Scores 49 Million Followers On The Gram!

49 million!!! I love you guys!! Thank you 🙌🏽

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how-to-get-more-instagram-followers-and-likes likesClick on the image above to review Part 1 of this article.


Moral Of The Story (Thinking Out Loud)


A quote from Part 1 of this Psychology Of Likes & Follows article From January 13, 2016 is as follows,

“and all that needs to happen is to just invest more time and energy into what is actually already working, and accepting the fact that positioning oneself to be able to help her with what she likes and needs as opposed to competing with her for the same thing was, is, and will continue to be just another correct and well paying decision on the part of yours truly.”

Congratulations on your continued game growth and prosperity Khloé!

On with the show.

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