FEMININE TENDENCIES – (Life = Women + Money) A Demonstration Starring Kylie And Kendall Jenner


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Mental Note To Self

Authentically speaking.

From the perspective of yours truly, it just seems like posing for pictures and posting them on the Internet to be seen and admired by an audience is more of a feminine tendency based on emotion, whereas creating and offering technology and support that allow for the posting of images to be viewed by an audience along with the ability for an audience to watch the show, is more of a masculine tendency based on logic.

Now this is not to say that females cannot choose to also develop technology for the above mentioned purpose, and we can definitely confirm from the behaviors of Kylie and Kendall’s father Caitlyn Jenner, that males can also choose to pose for pictures and post them online to be seen and admired by an audience, so all in all, it’s about a personal choice that works best for each and every individual in regards to how they each decide to conduct themselves, and the end results that they seek to attain as well as the results that they actually attain based on such said choices.


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It’s The Ladies Choice, so choose wisely.

A different perspective to consider.