SHE’S STRICTLY BUSINESS – PH 2016 Entrepreneurial Support System Starring Ayesha Curry

strictly business

1. a matter or issue that is all business and no pleasure.
This meeting is strictly business. We don’t have time for any leisure activity.

2. a person who is very businesslike and does not waste time with non-business matters. Joe is strictly business. I don’t think he has a sense of humor. At least I have never seen it.

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Real quick.

It really came down to a choice today, as it does each and every day, between focusing on that which I believe is bad about another and or other individuals, or focusing on what I believe is good about another or other individuals, yet since it says above that we give strength to whichever one we choose to focus on, I decided to just follow my own lead and focus on who and what I believe is good, in the form of Ayesha Curry who is offering good products and service in exchange for the time and attention that she is requesting from me and others and simultaneously shifting society’s views about gainful employment and demonstrating the importance of working women in the New Economy.

Super Focused.