SIGNIFICANT BY DEFINITION – You Could Be As Big As Mariah!!! PH Monday Motivation

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1. sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention; noteworthy. “a significant increase in sales” synonyms: notable, noteworthy, worthy of attention, remarkable, important, of importance, of consequence, signal;

2. having a particular meaning; indicative of something. “in times of stress her dreams seemed to her especially significant”


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Mariah Carey/Net worth

$520 million

Mariah Carey has a reported net worth of $520 million. And according to Forbes, she made $27 million from June 2014 to June 2015, making her the ninth highest-paid women in music over that time period. Yet James Packer has even more money.Jul 27, 2016

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Moral Of The Story (What It Takes To Be Significant)

“You’ve got me feelin’ emotions / Deeper than I’ve ever dreamed of / You’ve got me feelin’ emotions / Higher than the heavens above…”

Artist: Mariah Carey
Album: Emotions

It says it right there in a high note right from her own mouth in the video clip above.
Just gotta have her feeling the right emotions…She even made a classic album named EMOTIONS.

Super Focused On The Big/Significant Picture.