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1. notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important. “he drew attention to three spelling mistakes” synonyms: awareness, notice, observation, heed, regard, scrutiny, surveillance “he tried to attract the attention of a policeman”

2. the action of dealing with or taking special care of someone or something. “the business needed her attention” synonyms: consideration, contemplation, deliberation, thought, study, observation, scrutiny, investigation, action


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Moral Of The Story (PH Attention Getting Solutions)



We agree with Bill Gates, along with this new update agreement with Oprah Winfrey, and then this brand new fresh out the frying pan follow up that is the ultimate score settler as provided by Beyoncé

It is best to just let her speak for herself, and provide the solid support that helps to get her point across.

A “Richest People In The World” perspective to consider.

And for today’s addition to this ongoing story.

“If we want a healthier, more productive world, then unleashing the power of women and girls is one of the smartest and most obvious ways to realize it.”

-Jacqueline Howard
Point 1:02 mark of the above video clip endorsed by Bill Gates.


Welcome Home!

According to the pimpformation in this article as stated by Deepak Chopra, wealth is defined as “a state of awareness that allows you to tap into your inner creativity in order to fulfil a need that someone else has”, and in this particular case with Rosemary’s game analysis, just like a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card, one would be hard pressed to find any woman from any walk of life who would not consider the gift as helpful and fulfilling, so with that said, let’s see what types of effective solutions we can come up with together.

To Good Health!

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