ENTREPRENEURIAL IS THE NEW SEXY!!! – The PH 2017 L.A. Fashion ‘Business’ Award Goes To Khloe Kardashian @Good American

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@khloekardashian slays in her Good Legs Fray Blue018, available now on goodamerican.com 💥💥 #goodsquad #goodlegs

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It’s going to be a good day in my @goodamerican Good Legs Fray 💙💙 A post shared by Khloé (@khloekardashian) on


Moral Of The Story (Paying Close Attention To Detail)


Click on the image above to review the PH Pimpin Productivity article.


Question: Whatever you focus on, you give strength to…what are you focusing on?

Answer: I AM focusing on The BUSINESS aspect of fashion so that the focus of the value can go to #KhloMoney in the act of conducting Good Business so that our valuable time and energy is going to that which leads to good and better business as opposed to that which only seeks attention in order to fulfil its own self esteem void and need to feel valued which comes at the expense of the time and attention of others, because while it is just ‘a thing of nature’ for women to seek and desire attention more than I do as a man of a certain type, there are only a select few who are truly worthy of receiving some from me due to the fact that they are both willing and able to then add value to the lives of others in exchange for the time spent on, and attention paid to them in the process.

“The only way to become wealthy, and stay wealthy, is to find a way to do more for others than anyone else is doing in an area that people really value.” – Tony Robbins

So Good American has an Instagram image tagged with Khloé as a co-founder of the company, and Khloé has an Instagram image tagged with Good American as a company that she co-founded?

Entrepreneurial Is The New Sexy, So Says The Chief.

To Good Health, Wealth, And Abundance!

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