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What Would Jesus Do?

The phrase “What would Jesus do?” (often abbreviated to WWJD) became popular in the United States in the 1990s and as a personal motto for adherents of Christianity who used the phrase as a reminder of their belief in a moral imperative to act in a manner that would demonstrate the love of Jesus through the actions of the adherents.

In popular consciousness, the acronym signifying the question—WWJD—is associated with a type of bracelet or wristband which became a popular accessory for members of Christian youth groups, both Catholic and Protestant, in the 1990s.

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Question: #WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)

Answer: From the perspective of yours truly, Jesus as a grown and emotionally mature man would recognize that her desire to be seen and heard is much greater than his due to an actual occurring pattern in human nature that reflects the fact that women are absorptive beings, and humans exist through our female mother’s absorption of a special kind of something from our biological male fathers, so that he (Jesus) would then just remain in the cut (unseen) as he is known to do, and let her be the star of the show and The Real M.V.P. who has the juice, and simply let her speak for herself and provide the solid support that helps to get her point across.

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This is only a personal assessment of what Jesus WOULD do based on the data that has been presented, and while I nor any living person is able to guarantee that it is what he would or would not do, I can confirm that it is what Rylan would do, due to the fact that it is exactly what he has already done did, based on his belief in his own ideas about what Jesus would do, and while some of the Good Church Folks in their own special way may question whether or not he would actually be associating with and communicating from a place with a name like and with the associated vibes, the story is not about what the good church folks would do or do do, but rather about what Jesus would do, as a person who is said to have fellowshipped with criminals, senators, prostitutes, and others of varying social distinctions, challenging the validity of the written and professed belief systems of church authorities of his time with the fame, acclaim, and perhaps even the blue social media check marks next to their names .

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