ON SOME WINNER SHIT!!! – Good American Vibes Starring Khloé Kardashian (Life = Women + Money)




Moral Of The Story (PH Winner Vibes Solutions)


Mark 11:24 New International Version
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

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Real quick…

There is quite a bit that could be and often is said in regards to the subject of winners and winning, especially online these days, yet that is more on a level and vibration of individuals who are trying to win but are not really winning, and have developed an alternative agenda to look good and gain the motivation to stay trying to “Keep Up With The Winners”, but for those of us who are already on the vibration and manifesting results, all the cute hashtags and chit chat emotional dope ain’t really even necessary, and for those who are not on the vibration, an example of the vibration (the word became flesh) is now here for you to get on and align with, because while it can be somewhat lonely here @TheTop, there is also plenty of valuable good space available and the more the merrier,  so have no fear, be of good cheer, and we will see you when you get here!

Keep It Authentic.