TRAIN YOUR BRAIN: A Fun Christmas Brain Teaser

This article was submitted by Roxanne Bracknell.

Train Your Brain: A Fun Christmas Brain Teaser

Brain teaser puzzles are great for all ages and they’re a fun and challenging way of training your brain. Not only can they be exciting and interactive for the whole family to do together, but they can help to keep your mind sharp. Regular brain training can boost overall brain activity, improve memory, increase brain processing speed, enhance your concentration, and even reduce the risk of dementia in old age.


With all the mince pies, hot toddies and selection boxes to get through this festive season, it’s easy to get lazy in front of the TV. But it’s important to keep your mind active even at Christmas time. And this Christmas themed brain puzzle is the perfect game for all ages.


All you have to do is spot the robin amongst the herd of festive reindeer! Good luck!


(Brain puzzle: Spot the robin in the herd of reindeer)


Did you see him? Did you find the little robin amongst the herd of reindeer? Look a little closer…


The robin is perched on one of the reindeer’s backs and he’s looking right at you. He’s so tiny that he’s easy to miss, but tell your little ones to persevere with their search. The robin’s bright red chest and cosy brown fur camouflages him in his group of reindeer friends, and the Santa hats and scarves are designed to distract the viewer.


If you can’t find him, here is the answer!


Well done if you found him! If you didn’t, better luck next time with more brain teasers in the future.


Remember to keep your brains active this Christmas and encourage kids to engage their minds in different ways, not just with playing video games and watching Home Alone. Puzzles and games are fun to do, inclusive of everyone and all ages, and are fantastic for your children’s mental health and wellbeing.


Merry Christmas!