WORKING GIRLS WORKING – What’s Really Happening In Hollywood!!! PH 2018 Job Creation Initiatives Starring Arika Sato

Goya Studios

  1541 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 230-9005

Goya Studios is a Hollywood sound stage that offers flexible options complete with a greens screen, white cyc, private parking and elephant doors.
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Rodeo Drive

In the heart of Beverly Hills, three blocks of Rodeo Drive are home to the epicenter of luxury, fashion and lifestyle.

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Moral Of The Story (PH 2018 Job Creation Initiatives)




We have made it to yet another first day of December alive and well, so let’s be thankful.

As the story unfolds regarding how it’s been, how it currently is, and how it will be in Hollywood, the decision was made to bring awareness to the fact that whatever was, is, and will be does and will occur as a result of human effort, and since we are in the age of online news along with the dire need for it (the news) to come from reliable real news sources, we have taken the initiative to show you as our valued viewer what it looks and feels like from the perspective of the foot soldiers who are putting it down in Tinsel Town with ten toes down on the ground in order to go above and beyond regular news reporting which can be and often is biased and slanted towards a particular agenda, and onto the realms of truth and actual reality which shows and proves that each and every individual can and will be either a part (cause) of the problem, or a part (cause) of the solution, which in this case is with Arika acting as a model of the business model solution.


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Another “P” True Hollywood “Real News” Story.