HOW CAN YOU GET YOU SOME MONEY? – PH Global Education Reform 2018 Starring Danielle Bregoli

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Moral Of The Story (PH 2018 Education Reform)

Dr.Phil: Did you go to the 5th grade? Audience: (Ridiculing Laughter) Dr. Phil: No, I am asking how far did you go? Danielle: Well, I stopped at 7th if you wanna get technical.


Point 2:00 of the above video clip.


While looking ahead in the present moment to the bright future that is ahead of us as a result of the events that transpired at the beginning of this current year, a notion popped into the head of yours truly that Danielle is actually a home schooled student with a private tutor at fourteen years young, who came unto the scene being ridiculed by Dr.Phil for her decision to discontinue her regular traditional adolescent schooling methods, which has led to an enrollment in these new emerging education methods, with an increase of the demand and preference for these new and improved education methods for herself, her peers, and future generations that will shape the new global economy that they are participating

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