WHY’S SHE ALWAYS ‘PUTTIN ON A SHOW’ ? – The Psychology Of Likes And Follows (Part 4) Starring Nicki Minaj

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“All these bitches rockin’ inches cuz they followin’ the leader
I should switch it up on hoes and rock a Afro like Lupitas”
-Plain Jain Remix
Nicki Minaj Featuring A$AP Ferg


Moral Of The Story (The Psychology Of Likes + Follows)


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Question: Why does she increasingly like to get close to buka booty naked and put on a show for the galaxy to witness and enjoy?

Answer: Might could be For The Culture, could be Just Because I AM watching, but whatever the real reason for the season, it allows for yours truly to have an extremely well paying and enjoyable work occupation just like she does in this business of show, so once again it’s on… with the show!

2 + 2 = 22.