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‪#LiveCivil: Kelis Swaps Million Dollar Home For Sustainable Farm Lifestyle . . #Kelis trading her glamorous California residence for a greener landscape. The musician revealed in an interview with Architectural Digest that she is listing her $1.9 million Los Angeles home to purchase farmland. This move aids in the Kelis’ goal of an all around healthier lifestyle. . . Her upscale home spans 3,850 square feet and includes a heated pool, 5 bedrooms and two fireplaces. Kelis moved into the home attracted to the old Hollywood feel. Kelis has resided in the home since 2012 and now with two sons, she’s positioning herself to take control of what they consume. . . “The backyard was so glamorous, and really, for me, that felt great. It was so nice for entertaining, and I pictured all the things I could do back there” says Kelis. . . Kelis’ sons, Knight and Shepherd, eight and two years old respectively, motivated the star to make the switch to a simpler life. . . “Now that I’ve got these two boys, I want to control a little bit more how we eat. We’re buying a farm, so that’s why we’re moving: so that we can grow everything and sustain everything that way.” . . Kelis has formal training from Le Cordon Bleu as well as her own sauce brand Bounty and Full. With one cookbook My Life On A Plate under her belt, the “Bossy” singer is sure to enjoy direct access to fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. . . Be sure to head over to for more news like this 🌺

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