SHE’S KEEPING HER MAN SATISFIED!!! – PH Black History Month Special Report Starring Kim Kardashian West #MeToo #TimesUp


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Moral Of The Story (PH 2018 Black History Month Special Report)


Click on this link to review the PH “Desire To Be Admired” article.


How do we say this in English?

Ok, it’s simple.

As the Pimped Out Narrative above demonstrates, the desire to be admired is the primary driving force for Kim and the millions of modern age women who follow her and her example, and if we have any valuable honor, respect, and admiration to give, which we do, then it is given to the ones who hold Keeping Up With The Upkeep of a man as one of her highest life priorities!

Do It For The Culture…

Another “P” True Hollywood Story.