(REPOST) HOES IN THE SPOTLIGHT!!! – The PimpHop Master’s Guide To Brand Building Starring The Clermont Twins

(Editor’s Note – Sunday July 29, 2018)
Article originally published on April 10, 2018 by Rylan Branch

Game Rules = Hoes without proper instructions are headed for self destruction, “Yeezy Models” included.

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  Super blessedWe have came a long fucking way! We have been putting in A LOT of work. We have tried and will continue to put our best foot forward . And btw these are our goals and accomplishments though to some it’s not and whatever we do it’s not good enough. Our mom always said “As long as the people around you love you and support you and they know the real you, that’s all that matters!” And it’s true. We remember coming to New York six years ago and feeling like we were starting all over again. We worked our asses off and never let anyone deter what we always wanted to do. A lot of people don’t know that we were both full time in college while filming bgc. Being away from family in NYC and while also not having support from extended family, we have done nothing but try to make our parents proud who are from Haiti and Jamaica. Both who came to America to give us a better life. Our family is proud of us and that’s what means the most. Hate us or love us, no one can stop the blessings God has for in store for us and same goes for you too! Just to anyone out there that has ever thought about giving up: DON’T. Those that fail never win. No one ever said it would be easy. Thankful for supportive people around us and the people that believe in us. Don’t ever let anyone’s opinion about you change who you are and your aspirations. As long as you doing it FOR YOU AND NO ONE ELSE, that’s all that fucking matters. BE BLESSED. Thanks Kim & Ye #BLACKBITCHMAGIC #wedidthisonourown #noagent #thisisonlythebegining   A post shared by Shannon and Shannade Clermont (@clermonttwins) on

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