“THESE HOES” 101 – PimpHop University Syllabus + Course Description Starring Bhad Bhabie

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can’t fuck wit these hoes cuz they messy 💄

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Moral Of The Story (The Future Is Female, And PimpHop.com Can Foretell It)


Source (Read More): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danielle_Bregoli

Looking ahead to a wonderful future and bringing it into the present moment, we profess that in the coming years, a degree + certification in “These Hoes” as a field major and required completed course, will be in effect across the board in this New Global Economy, and if that sounds far fetched, well, that is just something that some folks have said about PimpHop.com since it was spoken into existence in the year 2002, so that Bhad Bhabie as a fifteen year young female of the future, born in 2003, can now in 2019, comfortably open up a serious dialogue from Bel Air, CA, about this very relevant subject of interest and study, which is what?

You’ve guessed correctly!

The relevant subject of “These Hoes”

How Bout Dat?


The Saga Continues.