“HOE FITS AT THEIR FINEST” – Thou Shall Do What A Black Man Likes. A PH PSA For Fashion Nova + Cardi B

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What A Black Man Likes? See Below

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Moral Of The Story (Tinsel Town Business)


You ever heard about the story with the Kim Kardashian Superstar girl, who blew up in the game and bypassed Paris Hilton as the most famous person in the world, by doing what a black man likes, so that all of the so called high end fashion designer brands that many worship but cannot afford actually give her and her sisters their items to wear and pay them well to promote those brands, all as a result of mastering the basic boss babe influencer principle of doing what a black man likes as good women?

Good, and if it works for them, it just might could work for all 100 million + of yall too!


INSTRUCTIONS = Thou Shall Do What A Black Man Likes.


Another “P” True Hollywood Story.