(#DMXCHALLENGE REPOST) MENTAL NOTE TO SELF – What Exactly Do These Girls Want + Need? @Shelley_Golden @JadaPinkettSmith


(Editor’s Note – Wednesday August 28, 2019)
Article originally published on May 19, 2018 by Rylan Branch

Mental Note To Self…
The cold part about this DMX challenge is how it was actually revisited last year here @ PimpHop.com in May 2018, and then last night while watching Showtime, Jada Pinkett Smith came on the screen in the movie Muhammad Ali at the exact time I tuned in to it, which indicates that what they might could want in part is a part in a movie for she to star in, and it really ain’t nothin’ to it but to just do it, write?

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I wanna play tooooo😜 #DMXchallenge

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The Saga Continues…


(End Note)




Me and my girls @sgoldencollection


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Anthony-Robbins-Six-Core-Human-Needs https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/240441   


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Moral Of The Story (A F.A.Q. From DMX)

SOLUTIONA Blue Check Mark?