PROVE BLACK LIVES MATTER TO HOLLYWOOD – Focused On The Mission With Dr. Melina Abdullah



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Every struggle has been won by work rooted in deep faith. Spiritual tools are real and the most potent weapons we have. It was spiritual work that enabled Toussaint L’oveture and his army defeat the French and liberate Haiti. Nat Turner’s rebellion was launched when God gave him clear signs on August 21, 1831. It was the Creator’s voice that ordered Mama Harriet’s steps as she freed herself and at least 1000 of our Ancestors from chattel slavery. Divine guidance brought Biddy Mason to win her own freedom, that of her children, and lay a foundation for mutual aid in Los Angeles. Abiding faith inspired Mama Ida B. Wells to join with hundreds of courageous Black women to end the first wave of lynching. When poor Black folks were left to die in their homes, God inspired Lugenia Burns Hope to initiate community health programs. It was when Brother Malcolm submitted to Allah’s calling on his life that he was transformed into one who would transform the world. The Creator undeniably spoke with might and power through the personage of Dr. King. God and our most righteous, courageous Ancestors are who gave my 4’10” grandmother her will. I see God in my mother, who has offered up her life to empowering children to step into their greatest selves. God ensures our victory. Our mightiest Ancestors work through us when we hear them and open ourselves as vessels. Let’s pray fervently, meditate daily, and live righteously that we may hear Divine whispers and heed God’s call. #FaithAndWork #SpiritualTools

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Moral Of The Story (Gotta Keep An End Game In Sight)

Super Focused.