Pimpin At The Presidential Level

Never Underestimate The Power Of The Pimpin'!

It is now in the history archives, as President Barack Obama delivers his first State Of The Union Address.

There is much to be said, and is currently being said all around the web and in mainstream news outlets, so you can feel free to tune in to the discussions at any of your favorite websites or news programs and publications.

We here at PimpHop.com see it more as a call to duty, and I guess it really is true when it is often said that people really hear what they want to hear, and in this particular instance I will evoke my right to the same privilege.

At the beginning, it begins with the tradition of how the State Of The Union Address came about, through a constitutional clause which states that the acting President shall deliver a message to Congress in regards to the
State Of The Union.

Out of all the topics discussed, what stands out for me is the part that translates to the following ideology,

“If you want the game to flow tight, just keep it “P” and put up a website. Keep the people in the know, and move on with the show!”

Roger That.
Also add to the to do list a high speed train project in California that may travel back and forth to and from Las Vegas.
Picture That!

We have our orders, so stay tuned.