Miss America Pulls D-Trump Card

Welcome to another episode of (What Should We Call It?)
Truth be told, these recent events that I will speak about are yet another indication of what makes America such a wonderful place,and I can clearly state for the record ,that I am proud to be an American, one of African origin to be specific.

My reasoning stems from the fact that we actually have an
African American President to start the year 2009  and move the new millennium into double digits with. How does that relate to this particular story?
Its simple.One of  President Obama’s key campaign selling points was his commitment to the defense of the
American Way Of Life, which I agree with wholeheartedly on most accounts, and for those that I do not, there are ways to get your point across. In this particular instance, the American Way Of Life represents the fact that an effective and proven business model has shown to be provided by the image and association of a young and attractive blond as an effective representation of a profitable brand.
Some may agree and others disagree, yet with the current state of affairs in global economics, I would think it best to take heed to the outlook of Mr. Mogul himself, known as Donald Trump who is actually a large stake holder in the Miss America  pageant.

That’s right folks, its a BUSINESS, and there’s no business like show business. See for yourself by clicking this link.

Actually, she does not have to necessarily be blond, as there are other hair color and ethnic mixtures available, yet what is most interesting to me about this story in in the fact that Donald Trump, is on his second go around at image defense and grace saving in regards to this pageant, as the first time, the redemption was sought by

Tara Conner
back in 2006 or 2007.

The prior controversy stems from alleged substance abuse, yet the latest news comes equipped with political and sociological twist, which is my kind of party.

Miss California was mired in muddy waters within 24 hours of reeving the crown due to her controversial statements regarding her
pro heterosexual marriage stance when a question was presented to her by one of the judges. Within weeks, provocative racy photos began appearing on the web.
This image was released by a popular online publication, which can be viewed at the link below.

Between us as friends, would you believe it if I told you that there have actually been quite a few individuals with perceived sound,and expert marketing knowledge, who have felt that the name PimpHop.com was not a very attractive and wholesome title to associate  their products with?
Oh well, the show must go on?

With that said, I will AGAIN bring to the light, this new popular buzz word that keeps reappearing, so lets view the dictionary definition, shall we?


[rey-see] Show IPA –adjective, rac?i?er, rac?i?est.

1. slightly improper or indelicate; suggestive; risqué.
2. vigorous; lively; spirited.
3. sprightly; piquant; pungent: a racy literary style.
4. having an agreeably peculiar taste or flavor, as wine, fruit, etc.

Call me crazy, but in an honestly crazy way, is this not actually a desirable way to be, as it appears that the demand is heavy, or perhaps only in the parallel universe that we exist in here at
Your Friendly Neighborhood PimpHop.com.
I got it.
For those not listening closely enough, the term racy, could be easily associated with racism, so as a solution, I now hereby declare and share the following quote.

It is not good to be RAC-IST.
It is great to be RAC-I-EST!

-Rylan Branch

Let us now  give proper credit to Miss America/Miss California for her contributions to the solution, as California is currently suffering from a worsening fiscal crisis, which she may have very well provided a sound solution for.

What would you say, if we were to put together a contest and promotion that was recession proof and sure to generate some interest and generate business and job opportunities for many?
For those with the correct connects, I invite you to notify Mr. Trump about this lucrative investment opportunity, and involve yourself with it at your appropriate level, if you are willing and able.
For details, simply click on the link below, and lets get this party started!

Inquiries should be sent to

And remember folks!
Its better to move RIGHT ALONG, than


Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin