PimpHop Participation – Your Excuse To Party



1.an act or instance of participating.

2.the fact of taking part, as in some action or attempt: participation in
a celebration.

3.a sharing, as in benefits or profits: participation in a pension plan.

4.of or pertaining to a venture characterized by more than one person, bank, or company participating in risk or profit: a participation loan.

It’s Spring Break, and we’ve got the fix.
As the experts say, the best way to communicate a message is to draw it out on the chalk board, so here is what’s in store.

First and foremost, when it comes to PimpHop.com as a Lifestyles Publication, let the record reflect that we are here to offer you the opportunity to get off your a** and come play a part in the festivities,
as opposed to us showing you all the fun that we’re having without you, in an attempt to prove how fly we are.

Not to be frank, but rather, be Rylan with you, that is the popular trend as of late, although my belief is that flyness is ultimately determined by how effective a person or group is at helping to elevate other individuals, so be sure to refer to the PimpHop.com Manifesto to get it in writing and in a more so called appropriate language.

Secondly, over the years, when conducting various self inventories, it appears that in actuality, a party or the act of partying, is actually a mental and emotional state that can be initiated in most places during most times, with the correct stimulus.

As an example, if a person happens to work for a company and is often found in an office setting, certain occasions call for celebration and the office then transforms into a party spot, hence you have the term office party, and the same can be applied to any place and time with a shift in focus.

Lastly, participation is showing as being a part of the whole, which can only be accomplished through a common unified effort and cause, and although it will probably show as the most simple yet effective solution to many of the worlds problems, the most simple application of this principle known galaxy wide, is though the cause known as a party.

In American politics, as well as most democratic political systems, people form groups known as political parties, based on a similar viewpoints and ideals about life, yet since the fact that the vast majority of individuals simply seek satisfaction with varying paths to the destination, it will most likely show up in the form of a live party at some point in the near future.

We are in the process of launching our new campagins to help set the record staright, including but not limited to, photoshoot adventures, exciting PimpHop.com Produced events, and even online social networking capabilities which will allow you to have your very own
PimpHop.com Profile. Its the perfect excuse to party, compliments of yours truly

Can you picture it?

Stay Tuned.