(Repost) Entrepreneurial Spirits – Class Is In Session

(Editors Note – April, 09, 2010)

There are only 38 weeks left in the year 2010 to make good on your
New Years Resolutions. My stance is that you really can only share with others what it is that you have, so when you think of my name and the name of this company, one simple word should be suffice to describe what is being offered, and the word is SOLUTIONS!

This entry is from the April 2009 archives, and a great place to begin should you be of the type of individual who is in it to win it and serious about success, so get in where you fit in and start spreadin’ the news.

(End Note)


1. a project undertaken or to be undertaken, esp. one that is important or difficult or that requires boldness or energy: To keep the peace is a difficult enterprise.
2. a plan for such a project.
3. participation or engagement in such projects: Our country was formed by the enterprise of resolute men and women.
4. boldness or readiness in undertaking; adventurous spirit; ingenuity.
5. a company organized for commercial purposes; business firm.
6. (initial capital letter) Military. the first nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft carrier, commissioned in 1961, with a displacement of 89,000 tons (80,723 m ton) and eight reactors.
7. (initial capital letter, italics) U.S. Aerospace. the first space shuttle, used for atmospheric flight and landing tests.

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome back to the show!

Upon traveling around cyberspace, in search of

The Good, The Glad & The Hug Me, interestingly enough I have spotted a trend that even in these times of economic and social turbulence, makes for excellent news to report.

What I am seeing is that many individuals have taken on the shape and form of an Entrepreneurial Spirit. If not in actual deed, at least its the kool thing to appear like. I primarily have to thank Hip Hop Culture


and the New Money class of the entertainment industry for its contributions to this ideal.

A key entry in ones resume, in a quest to attain optimal kool factor status, is that of entrepreneur. Add along with that the tremendous leverage power of the Internet.

With that said, I know that this online publication is an ideal destination for those with big plans as most of our content and conversation tends to revolve around game elevation, and as with anything else, those who are equipped with the most sufficient know how will have the upper hand.

On that note, today I will go ahead and share some of the little bit that I know, as well as use today as a start of service and continue to offer more and more Relevant Pimpformation as time moves forward.

Out of all that I have studied and experienced, the most important factor in success always seems to trace its roots to this one very simple word and concept.



We have all heard the term and are familiar with what its definition, yet through a few years of experience, I am still becoming more familiar with the importance of setting, having, and staying on course when it comes to accomplishing my own goals.

Simply put, if you are a player in any game, you will notice that the game always has an objective, or desired outcome, which is another way of saying Accomplishing A Goal.

A perfect example is as follows.


Here is an image of an athlete who is popular around the globe, in the most popular sport on Planet Earth. He at the same time has done fairly well for himself in his business pursuits , and always seems to keep his juice card valid regardless of his actual time spent on the field playing field.

What would you say makes him set apart from the crowd as a success? In my opinion, it has less to do with his actual physical capabilities or appearance attributes, and more to do with his uncanny ability to stay focused on his goals.

Makes sense doesn’t it? Now imagine this athlete or any player in any professional sport, running up and down the field kicking the ball, with out an actual goal to score with on offense, or goal to block from the opposition when on defense.

To me, it would be a gigantic waste of time, yet many individuals can and do fall into this cycle with any game that they may find themselves participating in, myself included from time to time.

I guess there may be some feeling of excitement caused by being active in general, as one may believe themselves to be doing something of importance simply do to the fact that they are moving, along with others, while the audience is viewing.

Yet at some point, when the labor becomes tiresome and costly, it is usually at this time when an individual thinks to ask

“Wait a minute, what is my goal?”

Effective goal setting is key, and if you are not crippled, one of your first goals was to take your first step. You most likely would have fallen quite a few times before you finally got the hang of it. What that actually indicates is that just about every goal has a step by step process which starts from a small goal moving towards a larger goal or what is known as an ultimate aim.



This superstar athlete is one of the most goal oriented individuals in the world, and the image represents excellent concentration and focus. What you may not be fully aware of are the steps taken before hand to be able to achieve this goal again and again. The reality of the situation is that at some point, in order to be in the game, he had to travel from his home , on the freeway, to the Staples Center, or to the air strip for a road game. He then had to board the plane, then walk off the plane to the bus,then walk off the bus into the arena locker room, and from the locker room to the court, and from the court, to what you see in the image above.He then needed to repeat similar steps to arrive back home in order to continue to repeat the process. With that said, it appears that a superstar athlete and you as a person reading this entry have much in common, as you both are required to take steps to achieve goals, as you would most likely at some point, walk from your bedroom to the area where your television or local arena is located to see

Above is Kobe in action, yet he took similar steps to arrive at his destination as did you.

I welcome you to spend some time actually reflecting on your actual goals and making them as refined as possible, as the basketball and soccer goal are actually somewhat small in size, yet require many steps to score points. What does your basket, touchdown, or hole in one look like, and how does it feel when you score?

This should help to keep you motivated and focused with greater success to grow on, as it is nearly identical to how the highly paid professionals handle business.

A different perspective to consider.