Manhattan Madam Kristen Davis For NY Governor ? – Cant Say It AINT So When Hoin's A Goin!

Moving Forward.
This one is more for historical record and to confirm to my own self that my off the wall belief about certain things do have some agreement somewhere in the world.

Where they show up in regards to positions is a story within itself, as over my vacation period, I had the opportunity to tune it to some good old fashion brainless television from Nancy Grace on down to TMZ  and while channel surfing, I stopped by the show for O.G. Journalist  homie Geraldo Riveara, with Kristen Davis as a panelist debating with political pundits who frequent the show.

For those who are not familiar, Kristen Davis is known as an ex madam of sorts, rumored to have had one of the most extensive lists of high powered clients in the world, who happens to now be running for
Governor of the Empire State.

You can actually visit her personal website to gain some insight into her unique and controversial “stances and positions” on matters by clicking the highlighted link.

What led me to tune in to that particular  show on Fox News was caused by flipping the channel to see ex New York Governor Elitot Spitzer in an interview discussing the latest Governor running and to promote his upcoming show on CNN.

Davis is said to have been the connection point between Spitzer and the working girl Ashley Dupré upon whom he was spending mucho tax payer dinero to comfort in exchange for her time.

My favorite part of the story is that Spitzer, now out of  a job as New York Governor amidst scandal, landed an even more prestigious and noteworthy gig immediately following the fallout, which is one similar to mine, as a columnist at a prestigious online publication known as Slate.

They Still Don’t Get It

Some people on Wall Street, and at the Wall Street Journal, speak as if the financial crisis never happened.

By Eliot Spitzer
Posted Sunday, Aug. 22, 2010, at 7:03 AM ET

In closing, well, there is no closing, but rather an opening to a door of mystery matters of great importance, similar to the face on top of the cover page of this online publication.

What You See Is What You Get,
A Business Plan Made Simple!

A different perspective to consider.