Paris Motor Show 2010 – The Future… Now

This is something that I caught wind of while watching a French news program that airs on the same channel as the B.B.C. on my local cable television network roster.

While viewing the news regarding this segment, I saw so many new innovative vehicles that I had a tough time deciding which to select for a post here on this online publication, and upon further review I learned that this is the auto expo known around the globe as the place where what we as Americans consider top of the line foreign luxury automobile brands come to share what is in store for the entire global auto industry as a whole, similar to Paris Fashion Week and its noteriety as a fashion display apex.

The Paris Motor Show began on October 1, 2010 and will continue until October 17th leaving you with enough time to catch a flight or board a train if you reside in Europe.

If you are more inclined to view the proceedings online, I advise you to visit the official website for the expo @ and allow the event and its featured automobiles speak for themselves.