Aptera- Space Age Pimpin Is Current Status

A Quick Question.
What do you think her response is going to be when she first lays eyes on someone driving down the road or valet parking one of these 3 wheel motion vehicles?
I believe the response would be a state of speechlessness which in many cases indicates a job well done.

On that note, I will introduce you to another hot NOT YET RELEASED brand that is scheduled to hit the public at the end of 2008.
The Brand is APTERA, which in Greek would be translated to WINGLESS FLIGHT.

A company based in Carlsbad California, Aptera has generated a lot of buzz with this current concept vehicle which is currently produced in a fully electric as well as hybrid version.

As usual, I will simply refer you to the companies website for all of your specific questions as the beauty of an ONLINE PUBLICATION rests in the fact that a simple click of a mouse button can lead you to an abundance of relevant information starting from point “P” which is here at your friendly neighborhood PimpHop.com