Sucker Free – What Is Your Definition?

Humpday it is!
Big ups to MTV and parent company VIACOM for naming a show after a popular yet extremely fundamental stance in what I conclude we can call urban culture.

Of course at some point, it will require authorities on the subject to give clarity to the phrases, yet since it is a free country, we actually can and do define things according to our own beliefs.

The authentic way of stating the phrase is “SUCKA FREEyet that is perhaps a bit too over the top and hood sounding when addressing the masses, yet and still, the popular website known as actually provides a couple of in the neighborhood definitions that I would like to share with you.

2. sucka free

An event, place, or thing (music, city, etc.) where there are no fake ass playas, wannabe G’s, wannabe gangstas and no bitch ass bustas. Only true playas and playettes and those that keep it true to what they do. Hence the term “sucka free”

Yo, you ever watch sucka free sunday on MTV 2? Yeah, they got only the realest jamz playing, none of that wannabe hood shit, ya heard

3. sucka free

finally letting go of the person that causes you drama

staci: hey fran are you going to hang out with big b. tonight over at lisa’s house

fran rolls her eyes: pffttt yeah right i’m sucka free!

It is close enough in meaning to get the point, and in the science of communication, that is what matters the most, so again,

Sucker Free – What Is Your Definition?

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