Back 2 The "IN-WORD" In Hollywood

Word on the street via the Infamous and other sources, it appears that the whole “In-Word” fiasco has resurfaced, this time out of the mouth of an individual known as Brandon Davis.

The story, according to TMZ is that a black photographer , looking to get a few shots outside of a club was insulted and called a NIGGER, in response to his statement, saying Brandons mother was “TEA BAGGED” by him.
You can view the video of the fiasco, as well as his buddy Dallas Austin coming to his rescue the next night as the town was HOT ON THAT ASS and will probably be for a while now.
We will keep you posted. Perspective

Never quite understood this guys relevance, other than being born wealthy, and seen with Paris Hilton saying things about Lindsay Lohan, as if thats really something of importance.

Focusing on what we DO know, the “Black GUY” paparazzi, who TMZ was sure to state was NOT one of theirs, was none other than the homie TWIST, that can be seen in the image below (pictured Left).

Twist DOES have a reputation for gettin it CRUNK with a certain few notables around town, as one of the rare few DARKIES standing outside the nightspots with a camera ,and while its a tough job, its one that needs to be done.We just stick to ours….

So, with that said,
Nigger, Schmigger
Faggot Maggot….
Now, where are the WOMEN @?