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support system
A network of personal or professional contacts available to a person or organization for practical or moral support when needed.

Greetings Earthlings!
Week one of 2011 is now in the history books which leaves us with 51 weeks to make good on our New Years Resolutions/Changes, and I am proud to say that the progress made in just the first week, for myself at least, is a definite sign of movement in the right direction as our members list is growing at a steady pace.

I had the chance to do something this week that I have gotten away from over time, which is to have significant and meaningful direct verbal conversations with a few choice individuals. One of the primary subject matters was in regards to what I notice with the social media circuit, which forced me to ask myself some tough questions as to the reasons why I tend to be less social than I used to be.

The simple truth is that certain things that may be popular simply do not work for me, and my best option has always been to simply create that which I wish to see and share it with others as opposed to waiting for someone else to make it as I see fit, so since one of the most frequently used or seen words of importance on the web is the word friends, I decided to concentrate my thoughts and emotions on this word to see what I can come up with.

My response in one of the conversations was that my wish is to be able to have the same degree of success and connectivity with individuals on the Internet as I do when I am not online, and for those who know me on a personal level, success in this area is one of the things that I am known for and a character trait that I pride myself with, so keeping it simple and easy with myself, I decided to just apply the golden rule which is to do unto others as I would have others do unto me, when it comes to the subject of being a better friend to see what I can put together.

First and foremost, I believe it to be simply a result of human nature to expect that a friend actually be an asset to me by having something to offer me that is beneficial in some form or fashion, and if the friend was requesting some of my time and energy in regards to their pursuits and needs, they would need to provide me with something other than their own need for this or that, so I choose to apply this same standard to myself when it comes to others.

This is a key point of interest in the world of technology and social media because I feel that it reflects an adjustment that needs to me made by some online entity, so perhaps it has come to me as a duty to correct according to my own definition.

A primary example would show that if an individual on a social networking website like Facebook were to have a number of friends that total more than 500, the response ration to output from ones friends should total more than a number less than 50, so what is the cause of a lack of response and togetherness?

In my best estimate, it would simply be selfishness, with individuals who are primarily interested in having their own needs for support served at the expense of others in regards to time and energy, and if this “out for self” trend continues, fueled by an intention to receive, there will me none left to give and yet an even greater degree of hunger to receive.

Following the biblical principle of a house divided against itself having an inability to stand, I believe that the solution will show to be a focus on one common cause in which the whole organism benefits along with each of its single parts simultaneously, and for those who find that concept overly technical, simply look at your own self in the mirror to see the principle applied as all of your body parts and organs function together for the good of the entire organism which is you, hence you have the definition of the word

With that said, as a message to our current members as well as those to come in the future, one of the mysteries of this online publication revolves around the fact that it was created for the purpose of others having a platform to speak as opposed to myself being the primary speaker, so the simple rule of thumb is that the publication offers individuals a platform to offer useful information to others as opposed to receiving attention solely for the sake of ones own  hunger for attention and praise and the hunger of one does need feed another but only provide some temporary relief in knowing that one is not alone in their own hunger, so now with the house rules established, let us see what we can work on and make better together.

Stay Tuned.