Why Do Girls Want/Need To Be Told That They're Pretty?

Sunday Funday.
Just off the top of my head, this image is one of about 10 million that are available for viewing and appraisal  here on the web. Of course it may just be what I choose to see , as there are other important matters to be addressed such as economics, politics, education, racism, immigration, energy, and a host of other topics that matter to the world and mainstream media outlets.

What I find fascinating is that my spider sense tells me that the
most important issue is in fact regarding the subject of this post, as life on planet earth for humans and all subsequent things have their roots in this most basic yet prevalent of dramas that unfolds and expands continuously on the web.

Keeping it brief, it would be something fly about making off like a smooth criminal with at least a half trillion dollar fortune for myself based on my spider sense leading me to explore and facilitate the cause and effects regarding the birds and the bees, along with the flowers and the tree, as applied to computer technology, yet interestingly enough, while watching a commercial for the Oprah Winfrey Final Season Show lineup just last week, they went back to her very first show that ever aired, and she says that throughout the years, the one thing that she discovered that all people want really is to know that their voices are heard and that they matter.

It doesn’t sound like much of a tough task for a boss, so lets see where it leads to, because around and around she goes, and where she stops… that’s just it, she doesn’t stop, which speaks volumes about a site called PimpHop.