Freedom Of Speech vs. Freedom Of Thought – Can The Blind Lead The Blind?

And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?
– Luke 6:39

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Humpday it is and a bit of a gray one here in Southern California which has been known to inspire a philosophical mood hence you have the subject of today’s discussion.

The terms are such that I believe that we need not go to the dictionary to look closely at the definitions of the terms freedom, speech, and thought, yet when it comes to the term freedom, it is showing up as one of the most in demand statuses on Earth, and at this exact moment in time, it tends to begin with the ability to speak freely as granted by a democratic society.

Most are aware that the U.S. Constitution has an amendment clause which affords individuals of the nation the privileged of speaking freely whether their views are in line or at odds with popular opinion, yet every since I was an elementary school student I have wondered why the ability to think freely was not also added into the U.S. Constitution along with other so called unalienable rights and as grown up with a more logical and rational thought process, I have concluded that thoughts and feelings do precede my speech as demonstrated by the fact that my mind is thinking before the point in which my fingers are found to be moving around the keyboard.

It then leads me to ask if whether or not my thoughts are actually my own or those of others which I have then accepted as mine and whether or not there is a way to be able to tell the difference as the freedom is speech is somewhat nullified by a bondage of thought which precedes the speech and from my research and studies, it appears that the only rational way to conclude if whether or not ones thoughts are independent is to ascertain where the source of the thoughts originate.

Even that sounds a bit philosophical when I look at it, yet philosophical thought is often defined as original thought and the ability to think independently as indicated by the highest degree of western modern culture education systems known as a Philosophy Doctrine (PhD) granted to those who are able to form what is known as a thesis, along with the hypo-thesis, anti-thesis, and syn-thesis which form what is known as the scientific method, yet keeping it “P” on a level where most can relate, it appears that freedom of though hinges on an individuals independence from the need for validation from others and their thoughts in regards to the validity of ones own thoughts, and only dependent on that which is directly observed and experienced as reality by an individual.

In closing this matter only comes to the discussion table through a trend that I am observing with social media services which are said to be a primary element in the global demand for free speech as it still shows to point to a dependence on the thoughts and emotions of others for validation, which would nullify free speech and simply shift the source of the thought and feeling from one authority to another, which appears to be simply collective groups with no actual independent thoughts of their own other than to be free from the prior, or in more simplistic terms,

the blind leading and following the blind, with Facebook and Twitter as the primary global communication lines.

– Poor Instructions = Self Destruction
PimpHop Doctirne (PH D)

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