The Legend Of Lady Godiva


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So, in the interest of Keepin’ It Thorough, today I decided to bless you with an interesting history lesson which corresponds to what you see in the world and on the internet to be specific, and this ensures that you are in one of the very few places on the web where you can actually get PUT UP ON IT!.

For those of you who enjoy fine chocolate and can or desire to afford the quality type, the name Godiva should send a few signals through your nervous system telling you to tune in closely to what is being discussed.

This will bring you to the place where you can get a better idea of the inner workings of expensive tastes.

Upon making my web rounds today, I came across an interesting article in regards to luxury branding at my “other” favorite web destination

The article mentioned two popular names synonymous with the finer things,
Tiffany s and Godiva. From there it goes into the history of these two companies as well as the actual names and attributes of the women who are the namesakes of the brand.

The actual factuals according to Historians in regards to the authenticity of the legend
of Lady Godiva as usual have been grossly misconstrued and altered, yet as always, no good drama comes without the associated embellishments.

For historical accuracy in short, the Lady Godiva legend centers around the legend of a woman who was said to have ridden through her village on the back of a horse in broad day light while completely naked.
Experts state that if there is any truth to the story, it would be in the version of how a wealthy countess who was betroth to a nobleman before the establishment of the British Monarchy as it is known today desired to have taxes lowered for subjects living in a certain part of the land.The husband would only agree to sign off of the request if she would agree to the challenge of riding through the village on the back of the horse in her birthday suit, which she gladly obliged to without anyone actually seeing her do it.

This is a usual scenario with urban legends , the stuff from which many organized world religions are made of, which is little of no proof in regards to the actual events that are being celebrated and honored.

From my experience with women, it would have to be due to the fact that ordinary life for many tends to be boring and lacking in spice to the extent that a need arises to give it a more fantasy based
storyline as opposed to a logical and scientific recount of the event.
its the Science Channel vs. the Oxygen Network and you can be your own judge in regards to who prefers what.

So, on that note, the celebrated legend states that in the town of which is now Coventy , England,
the events actually did take place, yet this time with some added bonuses .

Even Better it transpired into events including a Godiva Festival, also known as the Great Fair , which has been in effect in some form or another since May of 1678.

The story states that while Lady Godiva was convinced to ride through the town, her husband agreed to instruct all of the village people to stay indoors during the time and make it unlawful for
anyone to actually view her “Private Show”.

The legend goes on to state that there was one male for whom which such a thing was an irresistible temptation, so he decided to open up the window to have a “looksey” and through divine intervention some mysterious force rendered him blind according to some accounts, while others say that he was actually succumb by sudden shock and died as a result.
Interestingly enough, the man who was the benefactor/victim of the scenario was a man who went by the name of Tom, from which the concept of PEEPING TOM actually originates from.

The experts also say that Sigmund Freud, whom many consider the father of standard modern psychology built much of his ideology around this legend.
For those who are of the more “Literate” types, the game is as follows

Meriam Websters Medical Dictionary Definition

Search “scopophilia” in:



One entry found for scopophilia.

Main Entry: sco·po·phil·ia
Pronunciation: secondarystressskomacr-pschwa-primarystressfil-emacron-schwa
Variant(s): or scop·to·phil·ia /secondarystressskäp-tschwa-primarystressfil-emacron-schwa/
Function: noun
: a desire to look at sexually stimulating scenes especially as a substitute for actual sexual participation
sco·po·phil·ic or scop·to·phil·ic /-primarystressfil-ik/ adjective

Well, it looks like the CAT is Out Of The Bag In the Realist Way Possible, compliments of your Friendly Neighborhood .

If the Secret Google Algorithm is worth $ XBillion Dollars, the PimpHop Call-The-Rhythm is looking like $ Googoplex Trillion Dollars. You Do The Math!!!

Back to the lecture at hand
What are we actually looking at inside of this picture?
It appears that there perhaps some interest from certain women in riding naked on the back of a horse and being secretly viewed by admirers who want to window shop for the goods, and those male viewers who ARE the the actual window shoppers.

To top it off, since it has been concluded that internet pornography traffic is highest between the hours of 9am and 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, perhaps the same way as Tom was struck dead or rendered blind back in the day for peeping banned content, is the same way that modern day Tom is subject to be filter blocked or even Terminated for viewing inappropriate content in the current day.
Its just my imagination though, as all of this is really based on fiction regardless.

In closing, I invite you to draw some parallels between the Lady Godiva Legend and images that you see around this web destination which was created before any of this information was read by its founders.
Guess some things just come NATURALLY!!!
Could Just Be A Simple Idea That Most Girls Tend To Enjoy Candy.

In the words of one of my favorite actors, who’s name , by chance is TOM, I’ll continue to ponder on how deep this statement really is and let you watch the news if you choose!
(Side Note-Now Why Does The Elderly Black Woman Seem Uninterested
In The Conversation?)