JUST LIKE THE MOB – Ballout Ballin No NBA Mixtape And The GBE Cult Review

"cause we so smart, street smart like the mob" BallOut - Like The Mob

“cause we so smart, street smart like the mob” BallOut – Like The Mob

What can we say here?
For starters and smarters, read these two articles at the links below.



How Black People Use Twitter


Black Teen Users Dominate Conversations on Twitter



In closing and in the words of Dr. Dre, “love to see young blacks gettin’ money“, this is more of a personal testimonial to correct the common notion that claims that African American Males are not equipped to groom our youths for power positions of leadership, so as track #9 in the above playlist states, its “Just Like The Mob” and yet another wise guy perspective to consider.

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