(Repost) Lindsay Lohan & eHarmony- A Working Girls Story

(Editors Note July 23, 2010)

This is an entry from April 18, 2009, and since Lindsay is back in the news, in jail, without the bail, I decided to repost it to see what needs to change and what needs to stay the same, and since Hollywood is just some people, pictures, and stories in essence anyway, plus pulling a few strings helped free Paris Hilton from the bing in Lynwood CA that Lindsay is currently housed in, we can see what solutions may need to be offered from your friendly neighborhood……..

On With The Show.

(End Note)

Another lesson about the Worlds Oldest Profession!
Representing capitalism at its finest and ushering in the
2009 Spring/Summer League is a  number one stunner, straight off the ultra exclusive Hollywood “P” List,  in the Town Of Tinsel.


Dont worry folks, this is just a fictional spoof, yet since everything happens for a reason,  if the ends justify the means, then Spring is definitely in the air, and this slick video compliments of
may very well transform into

A Working Girls  Story.
Stay Tuned,
Even Online It AINT EASY
But Somebody Has To Do It!