THESE HOES AIN’T LOYAL – True Or False? Today’s Topic Of Discussion @PimpHop


Moral Of The Story (Solution)

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Authentically speaking between us as friends, we are focusing on getting back to our roots this month as an online publication in the sense that we actually value the opinions of our viewers and  both invite and encourage you to share with the acknowledgement of the fact that your opinions matter, and with that said, since this particular topic of loyalty has hit the collective conscious of the young adult society, along with the fact that it is discussing the subject of hoe’s for better or worse, Life Experience Magazine is an ideal place for us to begin to really open up dialogue on these and other popular and emotionally charged “urban” subject matters, and blah blah blah, but on to the discussion here on PH as well as all of our social media anchor points where you are welcomed and invited to voice your opinion.


THESE HOES AINT LOYAL – True Or False? Today’s Topic Of Discussion @PimpHop

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  • rb

    she AINT is loyal, but only because of what she IZ which is scared, and
    when she is scared, she AINT sure and secure, and when she is
    UNSURE/INSECURE, she WONT be loyal as she can never be confident in her
    CHOICES, which is what the whole thing is based on.. The Ladies Choice.
    Solution = It all starts with the head….. My Opinion…RB