ALL SMILES!!! – California Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Starring Vanessa West


All smiles #myturnupgirls #allinaday #hugeenaps


But first let me take a Selfie #veebaby #vanessawEst #allsmilesbaybee #hugeenaps #lol

Moral Of the Story (Solution)

While we could spend time giving you the long version of this on going story, we have found that doing so actually takes away the precious time that is better spent living and enjoying this on going story, so with the visual true life demonstration by Vanessa, along with these few words, lets just keep it simple and say that the water is warm, and if you believe yourself to be in the mood for some big fun, then you can consider hopping that ass on in the pool, or enjoying the show while watching the girlies do it!


On with the show….

A “Living The Good Life” perspective to consider.