TRUE OR FALSE? – All Women Are Natural Born Hustlers!!! Make PH The New Home For Your Hustle




Click on the image above to review the PH Kylie Jenner Hustler article from March 2016.

Moral Of The Story (Why This Is An Important Question To Ask And Have Answered For Yourself)


Well you see, what had happened was…

Yesterday evening, I found myself lurking in the Instagram #IntenetionalWomensDay hashtag archives to gain some insight on the current attitude of society, and I came across the image that stated that “All Women Are Natural Born Hustlers”.

I then found it on Google Images, and decided to post it up here on Mighty Mighty, along with the actual online dictionary definition on Google in order to help you as a valued viewer decide upon what you believe and what works best for you so that you can consider making your next move your best move based on what you make your mind up with in the same way that women make their minds up on what makeup they wish to use, with Kylie Cosmetics being an ideal choice as listed above.


To Be Continued…