The HOSTESS With The MOSTESS – Starring Rachel Minnick Of U.B.B.E.



1. a woman who receives and entertains guests in her own home or elsewhere.

2. a woman employed in a restaurant or place of amusement to receive, seat, or assist patrons.

3. a woman who acts as master of ceremonies, moderator, or interviewer for a television or radio program; host.

4. a woman employed by an airline, railroad, bus company, etc., to see that passengers are comfortable throughout a trip, usually receiving and seating them, and sometimes serving them refreshments.

5. a woman who manages a resort or hotel or who directs its social activities.

Lets use a different approach shall we?
Know words from yours truly today, just some footage provided by Rachel Minnick aka Lil Sassy, CEO of U.B.B.E. (Underground Boss Bitch Entertainment) and some different perspectives to consider.

Everybody Wins With!
Got it?
Good, now on with the show.