Club Xes Hollywood

Well, its off to Hollywood, the place where we call home.The club is XES off of Cahuenga Blvd in the epicenter. We decided to make a night out of it by riding
around for a bit to capture some of the pimpin essence which makes this the place that so many people want to come to. We of course fell in
later than we were scheduled to arrive. Shit happens, its called CP time. Anyhow we got to the spot, line was thick, and the spot was
pimpulatin. We slid in through the front on some ole P Diddy shit, bypassed the line,slid up to the front, grabbed a ticket and proceeded to get in where we fit in.

The Club. Kinda Dark And Danky, yet Classy. Its a Hollywood thing, part of the ambiance, as most of the clubs in this area have been around since at least 1960 under various names. Anyhow we slid on in, and surveyed the scene.Some quality models, yet it was still fairly early in the night so we decided to parlay and mix and mingle a bit.