The Truth About Space Age Pimpin

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The ever active and pimpish Charles Branson , billionaire entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Brand, is setting sights on his latest venture known as Virgin Galactic.
The company is set to become the first commercial space line here in the U.S. to offer private citizens a chance to earn their official astronaut wings.Commercial Space Travel is currently being offered in Russia, for the insignificant fee of approximately $20 million U.S.D. Its Nothing to a Boss!!

The current Virgin Galactic venture, with its headquarters located at the
Spaceport America
Facility in New Mexico, is set to begin conducting test flights in the year of 2007 with projections to begin actual commercial flights in 2008.The flights, leaving from the Mojave Desert area of California are set to take passengers to a height of over 100 Kilometers, which technically is classified as Sub Orbital space, while paving the way for future flights to even further destinations
The Virgin Galactic Company is currently booking seats.

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