Maybach Methods


A popular car in todays Hip Hop or as the corporations call it “URBAN” culture.

The car is actually quite an old model with quite a bit of history, and when the Daimler Chrysler company retained ownership of the Mercedes Benz Brand, they felt it would be a ‘Good Look’ to bring it back. Introduced to market in 2000, there are never more than 2000 models manufactured in one year.

The PRIMARY draw to this model has ALWAYS been its ENGINE for auto enthusiast.

It like many other German Models, has a history of manufacturing vehicle parts and engines for German Military Vehicles during the World War II era.

In this day and age, its primary selling point is Luxury. It was introduced to compete with other Higher End Euro Autos, such as Rolls Royce and Bentley.

There are two primary types of Maybach Maybach 57 Maybach 62 The numbers represent the size of the vehicles in decimeters. There are also a few customized versions introduced by popular Benz Custom Kit makers, (BRABUS, AMG). People who own them, especially the 62 models say that its a vehicle that is better suited for being chauffeured than driving it yourself. The inside of the 62 is comparable to a large size Luxury SUV, complete with refrigerators, TV monitors,high end sound systems, as well as seats that actually FULLY recline for starters. Go ahead and take a tour at their website listed below,and familiarize yourself with how BALLERS travel.