Range Rover Evoque Live Concert

Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, Cee Lo Green performed at the Range Rover Evoque Live concert on May 21, 2011 in NYC. The global interactive music event was held as part of the Pulse of the City Campaign to launch the all-new 2012 Range Rover Evoque

I know I know, Range Rover Evoque was the last vehicle reviewed, yet if you are up on things in the way that one should be, you would know that it would be sufficient to post the next ten reviews about the vehicle, so like Cee Lo Green sings…
“F – YOU”… Just Playing.

On a serious note, this update just came in on the Range Rover Facebook fan page and what this scenario demonstrates is how this vehicle and the hype surrounding it is able to create opportunities for employment and ways to generate revenue which follows along with a popular PimpHop.com mantra which is stated as follows.

The best way to earn the means to buy what purchase what you wish is through assisting in the betterment and sale of it.

A different perspective to consider.