Sean John Unforgivable (repost)

Ok, so what do we have here?A new fragrance that has hit the market that has outsold any of the most recent fragrances and has lets just say exceeded expectations by a LONG SHOT. Now, What I like about this dude Diddy, is that he thinks like we think, and goes through the same we ass shit we go through about this Pimpin , and as soon as we overcome the same obstacles, we can be paid like he is paid which is IN FULL.Simply put, these soft ass , too scared to offend anybody retail outlets were screamin to Este Lauder who backs the fragrance, that the adds were too risque and suggestive.Yet, Diddy had to tell them that its EXACTLY what the fuck its supposed to be in order for it to sell.Well, he said he wanted to prove a point, to see if he could revolutionize the whole industry,and he did , because while the weak, in the box thinking retailers may have felt one way, the CONSUMERS, you know ,you guys that are reading this and the ones who purchase the products which keep individuals in business?, Well they seem to feel the total opposite way, and as they say in the BIZ, THA NUMBERZ DON’T LIE. So when I look at the add, I say, DUH, I thought they knew this shit already, I mean DUH, you would think that the multi-ethnic models that Diddy is sittin pretty with were from smack dab off the pages of PimpHop.But, that’s just what I see, you see? So IM gonna give a free ad post as respect 4 tha game.

PimpHop Models

So In closing, Keep it P Diddy, and let these Squares know, you Got Ta Give The People What They Want…