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tom ford

Tom Ford Fragrance Fleur de Chine Eau de Parfum, 1.7oz

Dramatic. Smoldering. Seductive.

Tom Ford Fragrance Fleur de Chine is an unequivocally romantic and haunting floral fragrance touched with a reverence for the great scents of the past. Precious Asian flowers, including Hualan flower and star magnolia, are arranged in a bouquet of rare beauty.

1.7 fl.oz./50mL
Tom Ford Fragrance
Fleur de Chine Eau de Parfum, 1.7oz

For in-store inquiries, use sku #05691192.


Moral of the story

Welcome Home and T.G.I.F. (Thank God Its Freeday).

We can conclude that this post wont make much sense to most without some commentary to go with the commentary, so it is as follows.

PH Insider Tip

One of the main ambitions for Jay Z’s latest release Magna Carta Holy Grail, is to master the ability to use lyrics from Hip Hop verses to make Fortune 500 power moves just off the strength of his conversation as the song (Tom Ford) is playing as this entry is being composed by yours truly.

With that said, since we are building the plane while it is in flight, we can use our resources to develop a web store platform for ultra select items in which you as a valued viewer can not only hear the songs that rep the brands, but actually follow up by kopping (purchasing) what you are looking at and listening to.

Order Of Operations.

  • First comes the idea and associated feeling, which in this case is PimpHop Approved Life Experience and all associated people, places, and things.
  • Next comes the actual store location, which is here at Your Friendly Neighborhood Life Experience Magazine.
  • We then follow up with associated select quality products to stock the digital shelves with, in this particular case, Tom Ford Fragrances.
  • After that comes the valued viewers who are in search of and have a demand for quality items.
  • Next comes the monetary income that flows from such said individuals who invest in themselves according to their own sense of high self worth.
  • We then conclude and repeat the cycle by adding individuals to the story who can assist in the development and facilitation of the idea (Job Creation).

In closing, we can work towards developing the technologies that can help us to smell samples of the success online before purchasing associated fragrances in the near future, yet for now, we will simply leave the sights and sounds on the table to act as yet another different perspective to consider.